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SPT, Self-Propelled Modular Trailer

Mechanical steering, Compatible with Modular Trailer


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ChinaSPMT (CHINA HEAVY LIFT) manufacture Self-Propelled Modular Trailer (PST, SPMT) for the transportation of heavy loads. The hydrostatic drive system ensures an infinitely adjustable and jolt-free ride, even under the most challenging conditions. The corresponding tractive power is largely dependent on the number of powered axle lines as well as the engine performance of the drive unit.

ChinaSPMT Self-propelled Modular Trailer (PST, SPMT) are primarily used in the off-shore sector as well as for power plants and plant engineering. They are not only used for transportation, rather, they are also utilised for positioning large and heavy loads.

Self-propelled THP/SL modules can be combined with non-driven THP/SL modules, both longitudinally as well as laterally.

CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture Goldhofer model SPMT Self-propelled modular trailers, Fully Compatible with original Goldhofer heavy-duty modules PSTSL, www.chinaheavylift.com

CHINA HEAVY LIFT manufacture SPMT Self-propelled modular trailers, Fully Compatible with original Germany heavy-duty modules PSTSL, www.chinaspmt.com

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  1. The First SPMT researcher and Manufacturer in China

    SPMT from CHINAHEAVYLIFT have long time testing and marketing experience, the production system has matured and achieve mass production. CHINAHEAVYLIFT SPMT is National High-Tech Products and won the national new practical patents.

  2. Longer time testing and practical use verification

    CHINAHEAVYLIFT SPMT is based on the designing and manufacturing concept of high strength, high-configuration, high reliability. Structural parts are made and welded of high-strength steel plate pass the testing by SGS and Wuhan University and other well-known third-party testing recognition, like welding procedure qualification testing, all non-destructive testing, strain testing for steel structure under concentrated load; the frame is the overall processed after welding to ensure the accuracy of combination; Main components all adopt world famous Germany brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Rexroth, Hawe, TT control, Hansa, AKG, etc, guarantee the quality and life of the trailer; Safety performance of vehicles passed the CE Certification by the TUV which is the directly agency of German Quality Inspection Administration; For quality control, in strict accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system in entire production process. Vehicles pass a variety of different conditions testing for entire one year(Up to 38 test items), Performance of product has matured. We are the Only manufacturer in China which has already passed a large number of testing and verification like unload, heavy load, overload, slope, durability, achieved lots of inspection and approval by International and domestic testing and safety certification organization, and we have extensive experience of engineering transportation, combination and alignment position.

  3. More powerful performance

    CHINAHEAVYLIFT SPMT is equipped with more powerful engine, Larger displacement hydraulic pump, when combined with each other, will realize faster traveling speed, faster respond for steering and lifting, more superior synchronization. And our SPMT is equipped with faster ratio reducer, can provide larger driving force through same driving pressure, driving force can reach up to max. 17.6t per axle lines.

  4. Electro-hydraulic control technology

    The most outstanding technical advantages of CHINAHEAVYLIFT SPMT compared with other Chinese manufacturers, is Electro-hydraulic control technology, through long time technology exchange from international summit and domestic well-known institutions, combined with practical engineering transportation needs, we are the first company in China that breakthrough the technical barriers of precise positioning control for hydraulic self-propelled trailer, our SPMT have the leading international technology of controllability micro positioning, Micro Move Speed≤2mm/s, Positioning Accuracy≤1mm, the clients can realize high accuracy combination alignment position for modules through our SPMT.

  5. Rack and pinion steering mechanism

    The design calculations and reliability of steering mechanism are very important for rack and pinion steering mechanism of CHINAHEAVYLIFT 2.43m wide SPMT, because of high axle load, large steering resistance moment, meanwhile withstand the axial force, radial force, overturning moment and torque and other complex joint effect. CHINAHEAVYLIFT is the only manufacturer which have rich practical experience in designing and using the steering mechanism, product system has matured, while other factories in China are still in the trial produce stage.

  6. Frame with extremely robust and high load-bearing capacity

    The frame of CHINAHEAVYLIFT 2.43m wide SPMT is the important part for loading, anti-bending and load transferring, also is the important part to ensure steering accuracy and stitching precision, so not only need a overall process for frame connecting end, but also mounting holes of suspension steering mechanism need a overall process together with frame to a clamping molding. Our frame processing using CNC gantry milling machine and CNC floor type boring for clamping and processing. Steering mechanism and beam from other Chinese manufacturers adopt integrated structure, they can only do welding after process beam, Welding deformation will inevitably affect the accuracy of the relative position of suspension, even more serious is welding deformation will affect the accuracy of rack and pinion box, which are already processed before.

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Any questions or comments of our SPMT, please feel free to contact.

We will do our best support at the first time

Contact : Mr. Yoko

Tel : +86 137 7422 2241

Email : ChinaSPMT@gmail.com

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